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A Nobel Peace Prize Is No Excuse For Bigotry

GOAL: 10,000
9,405 people support this campaign. Help us get to 10,000

Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize winner, just said gay people should sit at the back of Parliament or "behind a wall," causing a media storm around the world.

Walesa could get away with his open hatred of gay people - unless thousands of us call for him to apologise! His international reputation as a leader in peace and democracy is in danger of being completely ruined.

Sign the petition asking Lech Walesa to apologise - and recognise that equal rights are the basis of any peaceful democracy.

Lech Walesa, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, needs to apologise for his comments that LGBT people and other minorities have no right to participate in public life. Sign now.

TO: Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa

Please apologise for your anti-gay comments. LGBT people are right to be vocal and are demanding equal rights, not special rights.

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