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Support the Equality Moms in Brazil

”My son, my best friend, was killed in a hate crime last year. Now I'm filling that emptiness with the fight against violence, homophobia and discrimination.” – Eleonora, Equality Mom

GOAL: 75,000
43,477 people support this campaign. Help us get to 75,000
Eleonora is part of All Out's "Equality Moms", a network of dozens of mothers of lesbian, gay bi and trans people who we've brought together from all over Brazil.

These moms shows us the power of human compassion and remind us through their own journey that the most important family value is unconditional love.

These moms will be taking over Rio de Janeiro starting May 3rd until May 29th: The city will host an outdoor exhibition in plazas across the city. And for this occasion, the Moms have created a massive "Equality Tree", which will be covered in leaves that represent gays, lesbians, bisexual and trans people, their families and friends across Brazil.

And you can help the Equality Moms to make flourish the Equality Tree, by adding your name and message to it - we'll translate it to portuguese and put it onto the tree leaves.

After the exhibit, we will deliver our tree - and its powerful message - directly to President Dilma, and ask her to finally speak out for all our families.

The Equality Moms (Mães pela Igualdade) are a group of strong, proud Brazilian mothers, fighting for the rights of their LGBT sons and daughters.

President Dilma:
a gift from the Equality Moms

The Equality Moms proudly defend their LGBT kids, no matter who they love. And now they have built a tree that is going to flourish with the names of their supporters all around the world.

I am signing now this Equality Tree as a symbol of my support for the Equality Moms in Brazil and their important struggle for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.

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