Time to break the law in Russia

Stand up to Russia's anti-gay law during the World Cup!

NOTE: If you're in Russia, we recommend you DO NOT take part in this campaign, as it might compromise your safety.

A few years ago, Russian authorities approved a so-called "propaganda law". They made it illegal to say, do, or write anything considered "gay": from holding a Pride parade, to kissing someone of the same gender, or even waving a rainbow flag in public.

This month, all eyes will be on Russia as they host the World Cup. This is the best chance we've had in years to challenge this outrageous law!

If you're not in Russia, here are a few "illegal" things you can do to break Russia's propaganda law – without leaving your home:

  • Post on social media a photo holding up a rainbow flag.
  • Post a video or photo of you kissing your same-sex partner.
  • Post a sentence, a poem, anything about being LGBT+.
  • Share one of these images:





THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: use #WorldCup and tag yourself in Moscow, Russia.

If thousands of us take part, anytime people search for World Cup updates on social media – in Russia or anywhere – we'll be right there, showing Russian authorities that they can't intimidate us.

Homophobic mobs in Russia have also announced their intention to hunt down and hurt LGBT+ people attending the games. If we take over social media, we'll send them on a wild goose chase, looking for people who aren't even there.


For LGBT+ people in Russia

If you are in Russia, activists have set up helplines to support LGBT+ people that run into trouble during the World Cup.

  • In Moscow: contact Stimul at +7 (495) 241 03 10.
  • In St Petersburg: contact Coming Out at +7 (953) 170 97 71 or [email protected]
  • In other cities: contact the Russian LGBT Network at +7 (952) 230 19 31 or [email protected]