Current Campaigns

All Out runs more than one campaign at the same time. Check out what we're working on and take action!

Morocco: Love is not a crime

Join our call to urge Morocco to end the criminalization of love. Your support is crucial in building a future where no one is left behind.

Emergency aid for LGBT+ people in the DRC

Amidst massacres in eastern DRC, LGBT+ people have been displaced and are confronting dire circumstances in makeshift camps. Donate now for emergency support.

Exporting Hate: Exposing Global Anti-LGBT+ Funding

Help expose anti-LGBT+ bigots funneling dark money around the world and devastating LGBT+ lives and communities.

Equal Rights For Every Family in Mexico

With Mexico's next elections on the horizon and a new president about to step in, it's time to demand that the new government protect ALL families in Mexico.

Escape the Death Penalty: LGBT+ in Iraq

Support the urgent relocation of LGBT+ people in Iraq in danger of facing the Death Penalty. Help save a life!

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Fuel the fight for LGBT+ rights with a purchase from our shop!

Fuel the fight for LGBT+ rights with a purchase from our shop!

Russia attacks the LGBT+ community: How can you help?

Russia made up an ‘international LGBT+ extremist movement’ — only to criminalize the entire queer community in the country. Sign to help.

Help Love Win in India!

Together, we can make marriage equality a reality across India.

Help End Florida's Anti-LGBT+ Book Ban

Help put these books back on school bookshelves because every child deserves to see themselves in a story.

UK: Stop Sending Foreign Aid to Anti-LGBT+ Groups

Sign now to tell the UK to stop sending taxpayer money to anti-LGBT+ groups abroad.

Stop “conversion therapies” in Asia

Together with ILGA Asia, All Out has launched a campaign for a legal ban on so-called “conversion therapies” in Asia

Demand LGBT+ Inclusive Education in South Korea

An activist from South Korea is calling for global solidarity in the fight for LGBT+ inclusive education.

Become an Equality Champion

Equality Champions ensure that we can keep fighting for love and equality whenever we're needed most.

Ghana: Reject the anti-LGBT+ bill!

8 members of parliament in Ghana have brought forward a bill that would criminalize the country’s LGBT+ community and its allies.

Help! My Kid Just Came Out!

These parents of LGBT+ kids are sharing their stories of love and acceptance.