Current Campaigns

All Out runs more than one campaign at the same time. Check out what we're working on and take action!

Commonwealth Leaders - Love is Never a Crime

In 37 Commonwealth countries, LOVE IS ILLEGAL thanks mainly to old British colonial laws. Sign to ask the UK Prime Minister to apologise for this ani-gay legacy

Help us light up London!

Tens of millions of Commonwealth citizens live under cruel anti-LGBT laws. It's time to fix it.

Help fund Swaziland’s first Pride

Be a part of the biggest LGBT event in the history of this country.

A chance to end Tunisia’s anti-gay law

A new committee in Tunisia could put an end to the country’s anti-gay law. People like Mohamed won’t have to face 3 years in prison just for being gay.

Bring equal marriage to Northern Ireland!

70% of people in Northern Ireland and the majority of Assembly Members are for marriage equality, but politicians failed to form a government which can enact it

Malaysia: stop trying to change trans people!

Authorities in Malaysia have been offering "courses" to try and change transgender people. We're mobilising to stop them.

What happened to Zelim Bakaev?

It's been 5 months since pop singer Zelim Bakaev disappeared during the anti-gay purge in Chechnya. Add your name to demand #JusticeForZelim.

Egypt: Jailed for a flag?

Dozens of people have been detained in Egypt just because someone waved a rainbow flag during a concert. Help stop it.

Brazil: Say no to "gay cures"!

A judge in Brazil ruled that psychologists can offer "professional treatment for sexual (re)orientation". Speak out against "gay cures" in Brazil now.

End forced "anal testing" in Tunisia

If you're arrested under Tunisia’s anti-gay law, authorities can force you to undergo "anal testing." Help put an end to these abuses.