Current Campaigns

All Out runs more than one campaign at the same time. Check out what we're working on and take action!

LGBT+ people in danger at World Cup!

Attacks against LGBT+ people have started at the World Cup. Militias are hunting down anyone breaking the country’s “gay propaganda law.

Time to break the law in Russia

Stand up to Russia's anti-gay law during the World Cup!

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Whether you’re headed to a march or celebrating with friends, you can now gear up for Pride AND power the fight for love - at the same time!

Will you join Swaziland Pride?

Swaziland will soon celebrate the first Pride in the history of their country - here's how YOU can join this historic event.

Help Love Win in Mauritius

Pride cancelled after an armed mob of homophobes threatened marchers. Sing the petition to help turn hate into love.

Celebrating Pride

We are coming together for a global celebration of LGBT+ rights.

Help change the lives of trans people in Portugal

The Portuguese President said no to a law that would make young trans people’s life easier.

Stop "conversion therapies" in Germany

Dangerous "conversion therapies" are hurting people all over Germany. Here's how we can stop this.

Brazil: Say no to "gay cures"!

A judge in Brazil ruled that psychologists can offer "professional treatment for sexual (re)orientation". Speak out against "gay cures" in Brazil now.

Justice for Chechnya

A year ago the world first heard that authorities in Chechnya were arresting and torturing men who they suspected were gay. There is still no justice.