Current Campaigns

All Out runs more than one campaign at the same time. Check out what we're working on and take action!

Help us light up Verona with love!

Chip in to light up Verona with a message that makes it clear that love is what makes a family and all families matter!

Italy: Stop endorsing hate

Tell the Italian government not to endorse the World Congress of Families.

We brought the rainbow back to Egypt!

Thousands of All Out members signed the solidarity flag for LGBT+ Egyptians.

Czech Republic: Marriage equality NOW!

Czech families fight for marriage equality and legal acceptance - will you support them?

Second wave of anti-LGBT+ attacks in Chechnya

The attacks have started again in Chechnya. Donate today to help fund the emergency evacuation of LGBT+ people at risk

This company is censoring LGBT+ content

Netsweeper is helping governments censor LGBT+ content. Ask them to unblock LGBT+ content NOW!

European Union: Respect our love now!

While the EU grant LGBT+ people free movement, their family rights are denied in some countries. Will you help change this?

Is this airline rewarding homophobic hate?

An employee of Lufthansa harassed a customer with homophobic slurs. The company refuses to take action. Will you help us get them to act?