Current Campaigns

All Out runs more than one campaign at the same time. Check out what we're working on and take action!

Help trans people in Russian prisons

In Russia, trans people are one of the most vulnerable and discriminated groups in the prison system. Let's end this nightmare together!

Help bring justice to Maya and other LGBTQIA+ detainees in Tunisia

Urgent: four individuals in Tunisia arrested under the suspicion of being gay Sign the petition to demand their immediate release

Iran: Save Sareh and Elham’s lives

Appeal granted against the death sentence of Iranian LGBT+ activists. But the fight continues. Demand their immediate release. Sign the petition.

Help amplify the voices of LGBT+ Indians

LGBT+ Indians struggle with stigma and discrimination when seeking mental health care and need your help.

A queer journey through China 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇳🏳️‍🌈

Check out “Better Together”, a project to give you exclusive insight into the true lives of ordinary queer people in China

War in Ukraine: LGBT+ people need your help!

LGBT+ organizations in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Poland are urgently coordinating evacuations and safe places for queer refugees from Ukraine.

China: Protect LGBT+ people at their workplaces

Join the fight to stop workplace discrimination against LGBT+ people in China.

Ghana: Reject the anti-LGBT+ bill!

8 members of parliament in Ghana have brought forward a bill that would criminalize the country’s LGBT+ community and its allies.

EU: Take action against Hungary’s anti-LGBT+ law!

Hungary’s new anti-LGBT+ legislation is a shameful attack on the rights of LGBT+ Hungarians. The EU must respond with decisive action.

Ban automated recognition of gender and sexuality

This technology is scientifically flawed and puts LGBT+ lives at risk. The EU has the opportunity to ban it and set an example for the world