Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our favorite highlights and victories (so far!).

Switzerland said "YES" to marriage equality!

Bulgarian LGBT+ activists push back against far-right attacks on Pride

The time is now: Italy needs a law to fight against anti-LGBT+ hate!

Changing the German Constitution to include protections for LGBT+ people

Providing psychological support to LGBT+ people in Brazil

Mexico: Say YES to love!

International LGBT+ photography competition - All Out Photo Award

Opening Venezuela's first LGBT+ community center

Successful against censorship on Facebook

Supporting East Timor's only shelter for LGBT+ people

Helping LGBT+ Shelters In Uganda Stay Open

Hate preacher Attila Hildmann’s books banned from shelves!

Voices of Eswatini

Fighting against "LGBT-free zones" in Poland

Efe is finally granted asylum in Germany

A shelter for LGBT+ youth in the pandemic

Emergency in Beirut

Law against homophobia and transphobia approved in Campania, Italy

Thousands join virtual St. Petersburg Pride

Blood donations in Brazil

The First LGBT+ Center in Venezuela

"Conversion therapies" banned in Germany

Breaking the silence in times of COVID-19

Poland: LGBT+ center in Kraków remains open

Supporting LGBT+ Brazilians in the pandemic

Emergency support during the pandemic

Anti-LGBT+ hate banned from the UK

Making discrimination against LGBT+ people a crime in Brazil

Reporting live from Istanbul Pride

Pride Uganda 2019 was a success!

Georgia: Keep Tbilisi Pride Safe

Homophobic pastor banned from Ireland

A safe place for LGBT+ Tanzanians

Voices of Kenya

Fighting against the World Congress of Families

Celebrating Trans Visibility around the world

Bringing the rainbow back to Egypt

Supporting LGBT+ entrepreneurs in Kenya

Maxim was found not guilty!

Building an LGBT+ shelter in rural Paraguay

Spreading a message of love with murals in Iraq

Helping asylum seekers in the UK

Funding the first LGBT+ center in Uganda

Creating a safe space for LGBT+ Muslims

Global Pride Makeover

Changing hearts and minds in India

The first Pride in eSwatini

Emergency in Chechnya

Lighting up London

Australia said Yes!

Emergency support for Azerbaijan

Keeping Sofia Pride safe

Albania's first LGBT+ online helpline

Supporting an ally in Italy

Empowering LGBT+ activists in Africa

Bringing together the Equality Parents in Europe

Fighting against bigotry in Taiwan

Trans people under attack in Tunisia

Morocco: the girls are free!

South Africa: don't let anti-gay hate in!

We stand with Pride Uganda!

Target: Turning hate into love

Poland: save the shelter!

Telling the world that #GayIsOK

Fighting gay 'cures' in China

Going All Out during the Sochi Olympics

Marriage Equality in France

Operation Relocation