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Help! My Kid Just Came Out!

These parents of LGBT+ kids are sharing their stories of love and acceptance.

Many Christian parents or guardians whose kid comes out need support and guidance. (Maybe you did too when your kid came out? 😉)

Thankfully, loving LGBTQ+ allies from around the world answered the call and have shared their own stories about acceptance, education, and compassion.

They’re showing the world how being a Christian and loving your LGBTQ+ kid go hand in hand.



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Thanks to the dozens of parents and guardians of LGBT+ kids who stepped up and heeded the call – these beautiful stories of love and acceptance are making the difference in lives of LGBT+ folks around the world. 

Check out this video of Sara Cunningham, one of the mother's who shared her journey to accepting her gay son. And, maybe grab a box of tissues just to be safe!

It's stories like these – shared by brave and humbled parents – that will bring hope to LGBT+ kids struggling as they come out and wondering whether or not there is hope for them and their family. It's stories like these that are helping guide the next generation of parents as they begin their journey to accepting their LGBT+ child.

And it's not too late to add your voice! Find out how you can submit your story – or volunteer to be interviewed – here.