5 simple things you can do for LGBT+ rights

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The new year is ahead of us and  it's time to think about all the things we did, and put together our resolutions for 2020. 

If doing something (or doing even more!) in the global fight for LGBT+ equality is on your list for 2020, I've got you: here are 5 simple things you can do for LGBT+ rights!

1. Get involved in local initiatives

Get to know local activists and groups from your region! It's super cool to know you'll be impacting local lives and you might even make new friends. And these initiatives can be as diverse as our community is: drag queen story time at a local library, advocacy with city counselors to get an LGBT+ center up and running, talks about sexual health for LGBT+ youth… You name it! What if there are no local initiatives yet? You can start something with your friends! ?

2. Be open to learn

It's very important to be aware of how diverse the LGBT+ community is. So when someone tells you that you need to improve on something, or that you shouldn't use a certain word, be open and listen to them attentively. Learn from that conversation. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn from each other.

3. Don't be silent

Whenever you're in a safe position to do so, speak up against any kind of intolerance that you witness. For example, if you have friends who are white LGBT+ people and they make a racist comment, call them out on it; if your coworkers who are not LGBT+ make hateful comments about trans people, explain why what they said was prejudiced and ask them not to say it again. We need to fight together and not be complicit with hate. We need to speak up for our LGBT+ friends who aren't always safe to do so.

4. Vote

2020 is an election year in many places. It's very important to vote if you can. And that we make an informed decision. So get in your best researching mood and research the candidates' positions in all the topics that matter the most to you. Pick who best matches your ideals, and then actually VOTE FOR THEM! It's necessary and it literally can change the world – for LGBT+ people, and for everyone else too!

5. Start your own All Out petition ?

All Out is a global movement for LGBT+ rights. And we've been running online campaigns for almost a decade! But there are so few of us and there is so much to be done for LGBT+ rights in the world! So we want to make it easier for everyone to create their own LGBT+ rights petitions. The power of change is in your hands now, and you can start changing LGBT+ lives with us! 

You can sign up and create your first petition here. It's easy, free, and, if you need to, you can preserve your identity.

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