4 ways you can support LGBT+ people this month

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, activists and LGBT+ organizations everywhere are mobilizing to make sure LGBT+ people aren’t left behind – and one of the ways to do that is through the power of the Internet. 

With All Out's petition platform anyone, anywhere in the world, can create their own petition for LGBT+ rights.

From the trans community in Russia, to fighting “conversion therapies” in Scotland, we picked four for you to sign – and support LGBT+ people across the globe.

1- Help trans folks in Russia at risk of losing legal gender recognition 

Since 2013, when Russia’s "gay propaganda law" came into effect, the LGBT+ community haven’t even been allowed to come together to advocate for their rights.

But now, the Russia government has gone even further: A group of Russian senators introduced a draft law that would ban same-sex marriage and make changing one’s name and gender marker impossible. Something similar recently happened in Hungary.

If this bill is adopted, the state will practically declare LGBT+ people second-class citizens. Help them by signing their petition here.

2- Pressure Polish authorities to stop intimidating and arresting LGBT+ activists

The Polish government is dangerously following Putin’s example when it comes to police brutality against LGBT+ people. A spontaneous protest in Warsaw related to the detention of activist Margot Szutowicz, resulted in around 50 arrests and extensive police brutality. Please, sign Finka’s petition here and tell Polish authorities to stop intimidating LGBT+ activists and treating them like criminals.

3- Push for a ban on “conversion therapies” in Scotland

“Conversion therapy” is an abusive practice often leading to depression, self-harm, and suicide. The organization Courage International promotes such abhorrent practices with the support of the Catholic Church in Scotland. Sign Blair’s petition here and tell the Catholic Church in Scotland to stop providing a platform to this organization. 

4- Ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration not to exclude gay and bi men from blood donation

Gay and bi men across the U.S. want to help others who are sick with COVID-19. But when they try donating their blood and plasma they are being told they can't participate if they were sexually active within the last three months – a rule that doesn't exist for straight men.  Sign Mathia’s petition here to urge the FDA to abandon their discriminating and unscientific policy.

Have you ever thought of starting a petition, too? It’s really easy, and it can truly make change happen. Click here to start your own petition for love and equality.

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