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10th anniversary of Pride celebrations In Uganda a success!

We were proud to have supported Pride Uganda for yet another year, and even prouder of the Ugandan LGBT+ community for their strength and resilience.

The 10th anniversary of Pride celebrations in Uganda was a great success thanks to the generosity of All Out members.

All Out members supported Pride in Uganda in 2016 and 2019, and came through for the Ugandan LGBT+ community yet again in 2022 by donating to Pride Uganda’s crowdfunding campaign.

The Pride celebrations kicked off with an awards gala where All Out’s Executive Director Matt was in attendance. In his speech, he said, ‘Pride organizing is about community, visibility, and giving LGBT+ people the confidence and strength to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.’



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The first Pride event in Uganda was held in 2012. The journey to the 10th anniversary was not without challenges, as events in previous years were raided and shut down by police. In 2022, the Ugandan LGBT+ community was recovering from the effects of the COVID pandemic. The pride celebrations provided respite, and an opportunity to reconnect. And, being the 10th year anniversary, it was also an opportunity to look back on the years of pride organizing.


All this was made possible by donations from All Out members. Here’s a thank you message from Pride attendees.



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