Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Amplifying voices of LGBT+ Ghanaians

In commemoration of IDAHOBIT 2022, All Out, together with partners in Ghana, launched Voices of Ghana, an audio collection of powerful stories of survival and resistance from the LGBT+ community in Ghana.

In 2021, 8 members of parliament in Ghana brought forward a bill that would criminalize the country’s LGBT+ community and its allies.

There is no law in Ghana currently that criminalizes being LGBT+. However, same-sex conduct is criminalized under a penal code instituted by the British colonial government. The proposed bill recommends harsh prison sentences for LGBT+ Ghanaians and allies.

As part of All Out’s continuing work on the anti-LGBT+ bill in Ghana, together with partners in Ghana, we launched a collection of stories from LGBT+ Ghanaians. Told in four episodes, the stories reflected the spirit of resistance and survival that the LGBT+ Ghanaians shared. 

The episodes covered coming out stories from respondents, their opinions on how their lives would change should the anti-LGBT+ bill be passed, the tools that are used to spread homophobia and transphobia in Ghana and also their messages to LGBT+ communities and allies from across the world. 

The stories are a way of taking control of the narrative by amplifying the voices of LGBT+ Ghanaians that are being silenced, or forced to retreat at the face of harsh discrimination.