Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Empowering LGBT+ activists in Africa

For three years, All Out has invited young LGBT+ activists from throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to free trainings on online campaigning, fundraising, and digital security.

It’s a crime to be gay in over 30 countries in Africa. In 4, being gay can cost you your life.

The struggle for equality in Africa is huge. And it’s changing fast, as internet access expands across the continent. The frontline is now online.

Opponents of equality know this, too. Anti-LGBT+ extremists stir up hatred online. Police use the internet to monitor the moves of activists. LGBT+ people are violently attacked by people who lie to them online.

To help fight back against this hate and help equip those working on the ground, All Out partnered with ActionAid Denmark and their Global Platform in Nairobi in an initiative aimed at building up the skills of young activists.

For three years in a row, All Out has trained over 200 young LGBT+ activists from Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda in on online campaigning and digital security.