Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

The first emergency helpline for LGBT+ youth in Colombia will keep working – thanks to the All Out Community!

In 2014, Sergio Urrego, a 16-year-old gay Colombian boy, committed suicide after being a victim of bullying and discrimination by his school authorities.

Alba, Sergio's mother, turned her pain into her life's driving force. She created the Sergio Urrego Foundation whose mission is to protect LGBT+ youth in Colombia from discrimination.

An important part of their work is the Línea SalvaVidas, the first psychological helpline in Colombia. Since they launched the project in 2019, they had served more than 6,000 people and saved thousands of lives. But the requests for help kept coming in, and the resources to keep the line running weren't enough.

That's why All Out teamed up with the Sergio Urrego Foundation to raise the funds needed to keep this important project running.


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All Out and the Sergio Urrego Foundation also organized a vigil in Bogotá to commemorate the seventh anniversary of Sergio's death. Local LGBT+ activists such as Elizabeth Castillo, Manuel Velandia and Mauricio Toro joined the event.


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In addition to that, All Out made a partnership with Pony Malta, a local beverage brand, to do a massive call for donations with a network of local influencers.

Thanks to the help of thousands of members of the All Out community, we were able to raise enough money to keep the helpline running!

And check out this cute video that Alba recorded to thank the entire All Out community for their support.


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