Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

The first Pride in Eswatini

The Kingdom of Eswatini is one of almost 70 countries where it's illegal to be gay. But in spite of this, they made history for LGBT+ people in 2018.

All Out members helped fund the first ever Pride in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland).

Matt, Executive Director of All Out, joined the celebration on the ground and experienced the joy of the participants:

"At certain moments during the parade, the infectious joy of this community was so intense, it was difficult to hold back the tears. This was a moment of community and empowerment. A powerful boost to so many who have had to hide in the shadows and finally experienced the giddy excitement of visibility at Pride."

We also asked our global community to show their support for eSwatini's first pride by posting on social media with the #AllOutSwazi hashtag.

Check out all the people from around the world who joined the celebration: