Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Goal Achieved: Iraqi queer citizens can relocate to safety!

After only two weeks, All Out members around the world raised over US$10,000 to help save Iraqi LGBT+ lives.

As Iraq moved closer to approving a law that would punish same-sex couples, trans people, and LGBT+ activists with extreme measures, including the death penalty or life in prison, violence against the queer community began escalating. In the face of such challenges, Iraqi citizens started asking for protection.

The Guardians of Equality Movement, a long-term partner of All Out and one of the few LGBT+ organizations that is able to work on the ground in Iraq, prepared a plan to relocate those at the greatest risk. 

With the support of hundreds of All Out members, we were able to raise over US$10,000 to cover legal support, security needs, transportation, and housing costs for LGBT+ people asking for urgent help.

This is powerful proof of people power and international solidarity. When we come together and take action, we're able to save lives in our ongoing fight for love, equality, and dignity.

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