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A Home for LGBT+ Migrants in Mexico

Many LGBT+ people from various parts of the Americas must leave their home countries and flee to Mexico to escape the LGBTphobia that prevents them from living in freedom. Now, thanks to the All Out community, these people will have a safe home to come to

The political situation in many places in Latin America, such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, and others, has forced thousands of people to leave everything behind and flee to Mexico or the United States in search of a better future.

However, the situation is even more complex for LGBT+ people, who in addition to suffering the crisis in their countries, must endure discrimination just for being who they are, and loving who they love.

That's why, in May 2022, we launched a fundraising campaign to open the first LGBT+ shelter in Tapachula, a city a few kilometers from the border between Mexico and Guatemala, which is practically an obligatory passage for every migrant person.


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The Casa Frida Tapachula shelter has the capacity to accommodate 150 people each year. In addition, it has services such as lodging and food, as well as migratory accompaniment and psychological support. But, most importantly, it is a safe place for LGBT+ people.

Thanks to the donations of thousands of people from the All Out community, we were able to raise enough money so that Casa Frida Tapachula could open its doors, and house LGBT+ people who are just looking for a home where they are accepted and respected.

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