Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Law against homophobia and transphobia approved in Campania, Italy

This is a big win for our fantastic partners at Le Maree Napoli, Arcigay Napoli, Atn, and the thousands of All Out members who fought for the anti-discrimination law.

The local government in Campania - a region in Italy which includes Naples - was about to end without passing a law against violence and discrimination towards LGBT+ people, even though it had been openly promised by the Governor.

Our partners in Campania had been working tirelessly and couldn’t accept to wait for another 5 years, when the next session would conclude. That’s why they started mobilizing to make sure the law was passed before the legislative session ended.

As part of their mobilization, they started a petition on All Out’s new petition platform calling on the Regional Council to immediately pass the anti-discrimination law.

All Out members jumped into action and, in just a few days, petition starters were able to deliver over 2,400 signatures the day the law was scheduled to be debated.

And it worked! All but one councillor voted for the law.

Watch this video from our Senior Campaigns Manager, Yuri Guaiana, to learn more: