Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

A new beginning for lesbian and bi women from Favela da Maré

Being a woman in Brazil is definitely not easy! And the challenges are even greater for lesbian and bisexual women - cis or trans - who live in the favela.

Government public policies to support the LGBT+ population, for example, almost never reach the favela. And there the human rights work, in general, is an initiative of the people in the community.

For this reason, in August 2022, lesbian visibility month, we launched a fundraising campaign to help Casa Resistências, which is an initiative of these communities and is located in Complexo da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro.


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The shelter welcomes lesbian and bisexual women, both cis and trans, from the favelas – and also strengthens the community with events, courses and activities.

Thanks to the donations of thousands of members of the All Out community, we were able to raise enough money for Casa Resistências to be financially self-sustainable and continue protecting the lesbian and bisexual women of Maré.

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