Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Providing Urgent Support to LGBT+ Earthquake Victims in Syria

After the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria, All Out partnered with the Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM) to provide urgent support to vulnerable LGBT+ individuals impacted by the disaster.

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria left thousands dead and injured, with LGBT+ survivors facing increased dangers of discrimination, capture, torture, and death. All Out collaborated with GEM, Syria's first LGBT+ organization, to raise emergency funds providing cash assistance for relocation, temporary housing, essential items, and mental health support.

With All Out's fundraising campaign, GEM delivered urgent aid through case management and direct cash transfers to over 50 LGBT+ earthquake victims and their families. The flexible funding allowed recipients to safely evacuate high-risk areas, obtain temporary accommodations, purchase basic necessities, and access mental healthcare.

Earthquake in Syria: LGBT+ people left behind

GEM was also able to deliver over eighty Psychological First Aid and Psychological Support sessions for the LGBT+ victims who have been heavily affected by the earthquake. For more intensive support, therapeutic sessions address emotional wounds from the earthquake. Our goal is to ensure every beneficiary receives suitable care, promoting their well-being and resilience.

This timely support addressed the immediate needs of a highly marginalized group and helped mitigate risks of violence, homelessness, starvation, and trauma. Through rapid collaboration and collective action, the campaign provided a lifeline to vulnerable LGBT+ people when they needed it most.

Image of reconstruction work

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