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Supporting LGBT+ Brazilians in the pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic reached Brazil, in March 2020, LGBT+ shelters were hit hard.

LGBT+ shelters all over Brazil started mobilizing together to stay open – and keep supporting those in need.

There were more people needing help than ever. And resources became scarce: Many shelters couldn't host the events through which they used to generate income. Others started seeing reductions in their funding as a result of the crisis.

That's where All Out members came in: with the donations of 564 people in Brazil, we were able to raise almost R$60,000 (around USD 10,000) to help 12 LGBT+ shelters and support initiatives across the country.

The partner groups were able to use the money raised to provide food, masks, sanitizers, and hygiene items to keep vulnerable LGBT+ people safe and healthy during the difficult times they were facing.

Check out what some of our partners said (in Portuguese)

"It's important to help initiatives like Casa Aurora, to strengthen our work and increase our reach. Resources like these are important for us to be able to help the people who really need it, either with essential groceries or with support in the services we offer." 
João Hugo Cerqueira, from Casa Aurora in Salvador. Casa Aurora was able to provide essential support to around 50 LGBT+ families.

"The All Out campaign was fundamental to keep the Casa Miga LGBT in operation, guaranteeing shelter, food, and personal hygiene items to people who go through intense processes of impracticability in their countries of origin". 
Emílio Félix, from Casa Miga LGBT in Manaus. Casa Miga LGBT+ supports about 20 LGBT+ refugees. 

And watch this thank you video from the shelters, with an introduction by All Out's Regional Director in Latin America, Leandro (in Portuguese):


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