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Supporting LGBT+ refugees in Brazil

The life of a migrant or refugee person is full of challenges. And they are even more complicated for LGBT+ people, who face violence and discrimination just for being who they are or loving who they love.

LGBT+Movimento is a community-based organization formed by LGBT+ migrant and non-migrant women working to create networks of affection, protection, and integration for LGBT+ migrants and refugees in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In October 2021, All Out joined LGBT+Movimento to raise funds to support migrant and refugee LGBT+ people in Rio de Janeiro.


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Thanks to the donations of 911 All Out members, we were able to raise enough money to guarantee that LGBT+Movimento will carry out an amazing project in 2022 that will help 15 LGBT+ migrants and refugees restart their lives in Brazil. To learn more about the details of the project (in Portuguese), its importance, and the donations' destination, click here.

Check out this video of Marina Siqueira, one of LGBT+Movimento coordinators, talking a bit about the project and thanking the All Out community for all the support (in Portuguese).


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