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A survey to collect unpublished data on LGBT+ people in Brazil

In Brazil, there is no official data about LGBT+ people in the records of agencies responsible for collecting data and information.,

Without this data, it becomes more difficult to build efficient public policies for LGBT+ people, because it is not possible to map, for example, how many of them live in Brazil, where they are, how they live, and what their needs are.

Therefore, All Out teamed up with DataFolha and Havaianas to carry out the Pride Survey (in Portuguese), which was launched in September 2022 and brings a lot of totally unprecedented demographic data about LGBT+ people in Brazil.

One of the most important data from the survey is that there are currently about 15.5 million LGBT+ people in Brazil which equals approximately 9.3% of all people over the age of 16 in the country!

In addition, the survey also presents information about the perception of LGBT+ people in relation to issues such as family, respect, freedom, safety and the job market, and the perception of non-LGBT+ people about the rights of these communities.

To check out the full survey, in Portuguese, just click here.

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