Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Updating crime reports in Brazil

Discrimination against LGBT+ people – LGBTphobia – has been a crime in Brazil since 2019. But, as of late 2022, not all states in Brazil have added a field to report LGBTphobic crimes in their police reports.

With records like this, it is easier to identify how many and which LGBTphobia crimes are happening in Brazil. And this allows us to put pressure to guarantee the safety and protection of LGBT+ people in a more concrete and efficient way.

For this reason, and with the support of Ben & Jerry's and Purpose, All Out launched the campaign Resolve Esse B.O.! [Fix this crime report!] in February 2022 to pressure all the states in Brazil to include in their police reports the registration of LGBTphobia as the motivation for a crime.


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To further highlight the importance of this theme, All Out and Ben & Jerry's launched the tag #AlémDeJunho [#BeyondJune], to mobilize people and brands to support LGBT+ Pride and the fight against LGBTphobia always and not only in the month of June.

Check out this video (in Portuguese) produced by Ben & Jerry's telling a little more about the campaign.


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And there's more!

In August 2022, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) launched an unprecedented survey and the Rogéria form, two very important elements in the fight against LGBTphobia in Brazil.


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The CNJ survey relies on concrete and official data about legal cases involving LGBTphobia.

In the case of the form, Rogéria is an acronym that stands for Registro de Ocorrência Geral de Emergência e Risco Iminente à Comunidade LGBTQIA+ – but it is also a tribute to Brazilian icon, artist and travesti (a Latin American trans identity) Rogéria, who passed away a few years ago.

The form will serve to inform the justice system about LGBT+ people who need help and ensure that they are protected in the necessary way. It will also generate official data about Brazilian LGBT+ people!

All of this is significant progressfor LGBT+ rights in Brazil, but it's not enough!

To better understand this, watch this video (in Portuguese) that Ana, an activist from All Out, made to explain the research and the CNJ form and why it doesn't meet the need to change the police reports.


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The crime reports for LGBTphobia in Brazil have not been totally updated yet, because not all states have made the necessary changes in the occurrence reports.

But we will not give up. We are standing firm in this fight, together with the more than 130,000 people who signed the petition!

Do you also want to make a difference? Create your own petition in defense of LGBT+ rights!