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Voces Diversas de Centroamérica, a podcast from All Out

In this four-episode series, we tell the stories of LGBT+ activists in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, whose struggle has withstood the hatred and oppression they face on a daily basis.

In several Central American countries, there are crisis situations (even dictatorships) that have put more obstacles in the fight for human rights. This makes LGBT+ activism a rather difficult task – if not impossible.

However, this has not stopped those people who bravely continue to work for the rights of LGBT+ people. And at All Out we wanted to amplify their voices and their stories.

Voces Diversas de Centroamérica is All Out's first podcast, and it tells the story of Brandon, Viena, Karla and Pamela, four LGBT+ rights activists in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. You can listen to all episodes here (in Spanish).

These stories show that creating communities of love, acceptance and support is the way to confront the oppression that has left so many wounds in LGBT+ activism.

Grab your headphones and join us on this journey through Central America, where you can relive these stories that touch the soul.

"Voces Diversas de Centroamérica" is a podcast by All Out, produced by Verónica Valdivia, Mary Domínguez and Andrés Forero Ordóñez. It was edited by Belén Pac Batz.

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