Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Voices of Kenya

We reached out to LGBT+ Kenyans and asked how the anti-gay law affects their everyday lives.

Kenyan activists have been fighting to repeal the colonial anti-gay law for years. In May 2019, Kenya's High Court was expected to decide whether the anti-gay law is unconstitutional.

We knew a victory for LGBT+ Kenyans would be historic and could send out positive shockwaves across the entire African continent. That’s why we reached out to LGBT+ Kenyans ahead of the ruling and asked them to share stories about their everyday lives.

The 10 collected stories are a powerful reminder that no one should be criminalized for who they are or who they love. By sharing their stories with the world, we helped give these Kenyan LGBT+ people a voice that was heard around the globe. Listen to some stories here:


Unfortunately, the Kenyan High Court ruled against repealing Article 162 of the penal code, effectively denying LGBT+ Kenyans their constitutional right to dignity and equality before the law. The fight will go on.