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Egypt: Financing legal support for LGBT+ community after crackdown

In Egypt, simply logging into dating apps like Grindr can lead to arrest. 

Although being LGBT+ isn't explicitly illegal in Egypt, police use obscure laws to entrap, threaten, and prosecute queer people.   According to some victims, police will also use dating apps and talk and flirt with them for days or weeks until they agree to go on a date. They also track social media activity of 'suspected' LGBT+ people. 

In 2023, Egyptian police are cracking down on the LGBT+ community, with folks facing blackmail, arrest and torture. Victims have faced discrimination and torture, including beatings and sexual violence, forced anal exams and virginity tests while in police custody. 

On top of the legal consequences queer people face simply for existing, this crackdown was having a profound impact on mental health. 

But there are people fighting back. Bedayaa, an Egyptian organization, is on the front lines providing mental health services and legal aid – including hiring lawyers – for victims of this crackdown. 

But they were running out of funds and needed financial support quickly! 

So, All Out members jumped into action. 

They donated enough funds to support critical legal aid for those targeted by authorities and for life-saving services like mental health counselling. 

Thanks to All Out members jumping into action, Bedayaa is still able to be a critical resource offering a chance for hope to so many LGBT+ folks in this emergency. 

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