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Jamila will not be deported from Germany!

German authorities were about to deport Jamila to Ethiopia, but activists fought for her right to remain in safety.

Jamila is a transgender woman from Qatar was arrested multiple times, in Qatar, Ethiopia, and Dubai, while she was fleeing and put in men's prisons where she suffered abuse and torture.

German authorities, however, rejected her request for asylum. They argued that because she “looks like a woman” she would not be persecuted or discriminated against in her home country.

In cases like this, German authorities often apply the so-called "discretion requirement," which states that refugees can be expected to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity after returning to their country of origin.

Several organizations, including our partners at the German LSVD, have put forward over 70 cases, including Jamila’s, to protest and urge the reconsideration of this requirement. Shortly afterwards, the trans rights organization dgti started a petition with All Out to fight for Jamila’s rights.

And it worked! After the case became public, German authorities promised that her case would be examined again.

A few months later, they decided that identifying as transgender can be a valid reason for asylum! The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) revised its decision to deport Jamila and she was granted international protection status. She can now stay in Germany permanently.

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