Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Mexico: Say YES to love!

Back in 2015, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that not recognizing same-sex marriages is unconstitutional. Still, local Congresses are required to legislate on the subject - and many refuse to do it.

So, on Valentine's Day, All Out launched an online platform that centralizes all information about where each of the 32 Mexican states stand on the issue. The platform is available here.

We have also launched a beautiful video with wedding photos submitted by more than 90 members in Mexico.

We also did a fun challenge for influencers on TikTok and an Instagram quiz-filter where members got to guess whether different states had marriage equality or not.

We also invited our members and partners in the states that still don't have marriage equality to start their own petitions pushing for it. Using our platform, members and partners from 8 of the 13 states launched campaigns for marriage equality in their states.

In June 2021, to mark the 6th anniversary of the Supreme Court – and, of course, to put pressure on the states that still failed to approve marriage equality – we did two simultaneous projections in the two "corners" of Mexico: Baja California and Yucatán.


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Amazingly, Baja California moved on the issue THE DAY AFTER our projection! Earlier that same week, another state – Sinaloa – did the same.

In December 2022, the state of Tamaulipas became the last in Mexico to say YES to love, meaning that same-sex couples are now free to get married in every corner of Mexico. Thanks to years of LGBT+ activism, we can officially say that marriage equality is finally legal.