Our campaigns are proof that love wins. Here are some of our greatest victories (so far!).

Changing the German Constitution to include protections for LGBT+ people

The German Constitution is turning 72 years old in 2021, but the protection of LGBT+ people is still not included in the document – as a result, it was possible for gay and bisexual men to be persecuted for decades.

When the German Constitution came into force in 1949, it was shaped by the lessons learned from the horrific crimes of Nazism. Therefore, the prohibition of discrimination is anchored at the beginning, in Article 3, Paragraph 3

"No one shall be discriminated against or given preference on the grounds of sex, descent, race, language, country of origin, creed, religious or political beliefs. No one shall be discriminated against because of his or her disability."

Yet despite their systematic persecution under the Nazi dictatorship, queer people found no mention

This made it possible that even after the end of National Socialism:

  • lesbian women had to fear losing their children in divorce proceedings until the 1980s,
  • tens of thousands of gay and bisexual men were criminalized under Paragraph 175,
  • more than 10,000 people had to undergo forced sterilization under the still existing "Transsexuals Act" until 2011,
  • unscientific "homo-healing" of adults is still legal,
  • and to this day, two-mother families and parents with diverse gender identities have to undergo "stepchild adoption" to be recognized as parents of their own children.

To this day, LGBT+ people remain excluded from protection against discrimination in Germany which is enshrined in the constitution.

That’s why All Out, in cooperation with the initiative A Constitution for Everyone (“Grundgesetz für Alle"), jumped into action, launching a petition in 2021 calling for the party leaders in German Parliament to amend Article 3 of the Constitution to protect all members of the queer community from discrimination.

We are making a lot of noise about it, and we already have the support of several German personalities. Here you can check the list of celebrities who have signed the “A Constitution for Everyone” initiative (in German).

But this is not all! To really dial up the pressure, we developed a mailing service that enabled citizens to write a message directly to their representative in the federal government.

Moreover, we wanted to really make sure that our voices were heard.

So we projected a huge message onto the German Federal Chancellery building, in downtown Berlin.


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And on May 28, 2021, together with Grundgesetz für Alle, we met with the heads of parliamentary groups of five major parties in Germany to deliver more than 80,000 signatures demanding the amendment of the constitution.

Check out the video of this emblematic moment in the history of LGBT+ people in Germany.


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The campaign isn’t over yet. We’ll keep working with our partners until Germany has a constitution that includes EVERYONE!